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Fludora®Fusion is an indoor residual spray which features two unrelated modes of action for a perfect fit in an insecticide resistance management strategy. The combination of the active ingredients clothianidin and deltamethrin results in optimum effectiveness under conditions of insecticide resistance. Fludora®Fusion has been thoroughly tested and shows consistent results with a robust residual activity.


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23 Field Trials across 16 countries

In recognition of the importance of evidence-based decision making and taking into account the diversity and variability which is inherent in dealing with biological systems, we recognized that results from just a few field trials may not give a complete picture of the likely performance range of Fludora® Fusion across a continent as large as Africa.

That is why we invested in an unprecedented range of field trials across Sub-Saharan Africa to test and support this position.
Fludora® Fusion has been tested:

  • across climatic conditions
  • with 15 resistant mosquito strains
  • in 16 countries
  • with 23 trials on 33 surfaces
  • with over 50 African scientists

Our key insights at a glance

  • 9 months residuality on mud surfaces
  • 10 months residuality on cement surfaces
  • Strong performance against all tested resistant mosquito strains

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Fludora® Fusion

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