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Fludora® Co-Max

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Fludora® Co-Max

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Product Description

Fludora® Co-Max introduces a brand-new insecticide class for mosquito control. The butenolide flupyradifurone is combined with the novel pyrethroid transfluthrin to create a unique two-way mode of action, providing benefits in managing resistant mosquitoes and in slowing down the development of resistance.

Key Features

  • Introduces the new compound flupyradifurone from the butenolide class (IRAC Group 4D) - new chemistry for public health.
  • Combines this new chemistry with transfluthrin (IRAC Group 3A), a pyrethroid which has not yet been widely used in vector control. Transfluthrin has a unique chemical structure which is less prone to metabolic breakdown than many other pyrethroids.
  • This unique combination presents the opportunity to control mosquitoes which are resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphates.
  • The combination of two completely unrelated modes of action slows down the development of resistance compared to adoption of space sprays with single modes of action (or synergised pyrethroid mixtures).
  • Formulated within our well known FFAST Technology – a water-based formulation incorporating anti-evaporant technology, allowing dilution with water without the loss of efficacy through faster droplet evaporation.
  • Can be used through both ULV and thermal fogging application equipment (thermal-fogging equipment may require specific adaptations to optimise results – the same as with other water-based formulations)
  • Widely trialled across a range of geographies – with strong results.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • WHO PQ-Listed

Key Benefits

  • Novel chemistry aids control of mosquitoes resistant to other compounds – improving results
  • Combination of unrelated modes of action slows down the development of resistance
  • Water-based formulation reduces reliance on hydrocarbon-based diluents – saving cost as well as being better for the environment.
  • Anti-evaporant FFAST technology helps to maintain efficacy over greater distance – extending the effective range of control.

Use & Safety

Where to use

Outdoors and indoors Fludora Co-Max is currently undergoing registration and launch across a number of countries – please contact us for more information.

What to Control

Use Pattern

What Co-Max controls:

Adult mosquitoes

Application rates:

7.5 gAI/ha for outdoor uses, 4g/1000 m3 for indoor use

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