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Aqua K-Othrine

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Aqua K-Othrine

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Product Description

Aqua K-Othrine is a water-based insecticide concentrate for application as a space spray adulticide in the management of mosquitoes and certain other public health and nuisance insects.  It contains the unique formulation technology FFAST (Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology).

Key Features

  • Contains 2% deltamethrin in a unique EW formulation.
  • Incorporates FFAST anti-evaporant technology
  • Achieves excellent results with very low rates of application
  • WHO-PQ listed
  • Non-flammable
  • Water-dilutable

Key Benefits

  • High level of safety when used according to the label.
  • Highly effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • 1 L of product treats 20 – 40 ha
  • Safe storage profile (as non-flammable)
  • Utilises water as a diluent

Use & Safety

Where to use

For use both indoors and outdoors for the control of adult mosquitoes and other flying insect pests. Australia Brazil Bulgaria China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Dominican Republic France Greece Guatemala India Indonesia Italy Macedonia Malaysia México New Zeland Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Serbia Spain Thailand Turkey UAE United Kingdom Vietnam

Use Pattern

What to control:

Mosquitoes, houseflies and other insects of public health importance

Application rates: 
Flies and mosquitoes outdoors - 50 mL/ha
Flies and mosquitoes indoors - 2.5 mL/ 1000 m3

Dilute with a suitable volume of water and apply using equipment capable of generating a mist or thermal or cold fog. Dilution rates will depend on equipment to be used - refer to product label for further information.